The joyous occasion of the 72nd Republic day of India turned sour when unprecedented violent protests shook parts of the national capital Tuesday afternoon. A convoy of protestors on tractors, horsebacks and on foot marched towards the historic Red Fort thrusting their long ongoing protests into acts of violence, severely undermining national integrity.

Bharatiyam strongly condemns such violent demonstrations and protests that bring shame to the nation at the world platform. Expressing dissent within the bounds of the law and the democratic framework is welcome, but disrespecting the national flag and national unity is unequivocally unacceptable. The unruly scenes that aired on national television, of protestors clashing with the Police personnel and vandalizing public property were uncalled for.

Bharatiyam regularly organizes talks and debates on crucial issues like the Farms Bill, and understands the need for fact-based, orderly discussions on matters of national interest. We hope that the Farms Bill issue finds a peaceful resolution which will be in the best interest of the farmers and the agricultural scene of India. Bharatiyam denounces violence and hopes that peace returns to the national capital soon. 

The spirit of the Republic Day shall prevail as we continue to celebrate the steadfast unity and integrity of India.

About Bhāratiyam

Bharatiyam is a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and facilitating the growth of a network of highly talented and socially responsible Indian-origin students, campus organizations, scholars, and working professionals in the USA. We intend to create a platform, where Indian origin youth are empowered with strong cultural foundation and network, to collectively work for personal and global aspirations and promote the 4Cs – Culture, Career, Country, and Community.